Anti-Volume Desmaia Geral Shampoo 500ml

Desmaia Geral Anti-Volume Shampoo provides deep cleansing while hydrating and strengthening the thread, providing softness, eliminating frizz, and ordering the hair giving you the look you’ve always wanted. Its formula has been designed with Coconut Oil, Collagen and Amino Acids, natural active ingredients that treat your hair, moisturize and define it, for you to shine.

Coconut Oil – Rich in fatty acids, it is a powerful moisturizing product which acts into the thread, rebuilds and strengthens it, providing shine and sleekness to the hair.
Collagen – Gives elasticity and strength to the thread, rejuvenates it, providing a normal and healthy growth. Makes the hair shinier, smoother and stronger, with greater elasticity and flexibility.
Amino Acids – Reinforce the hair structure, nourish the capillary bulb, providing strong and healthy threads and avoiding breakage and fall.

  1. Apply Keraform Anti-Volume Desmaia Geral Shampoo on wet hair and gently massage;
  2. Rinse. Repeat the application if required.

For better results, use the Keraform Desmaia Geral complete Line.