Amethyst Combing Cream 1kg

Due to daily external aggressions, like wind, sun and dryer, the hair gets damaged and loses its shine. With that in mind, Skafe presents Amethyst Combing Cream, which restores, moisturizes, gives shine and life to the hair. With the illuminating and moisturizing Action of Amethyst and AminoHidrat, that restores the shine, smoothness and health to the hair.

  1. Illuminating Amethyst
  2. For dry and dull hair
  3. Daily use
  4. Moisturizes, nourishes, controls the volume and shapes the curls
  5. Without rinsing
  6. Anti-frizz
  7. Does not weight hair down
  8. With sunscreen
  9. Illuminates the hair


  1. Apply on clean and wet hair, spreading evenly on the entire length of the thread.
  2. Do not rinse and style as usual.